Learn about adoption techniques for Copilot for Microsoft 365 in this session by Symity, AI Talent First and Microsoft

Launched in 2023, Copilot for Microsoft 365 provides everyone in your organisation access to generative AI to help them be more productive, inclusive and creative. It’s certainly a tool that has shifted the landscape of technology in the workplace and how employees operate.

However, much like any technology, adoption is not always straightforward. Especially when employees are already incredibly busy and do not have the time to learn a new way of working. That’s why a structured approach to adoption and sourcing the right people is critical. You need to slow down to move faster.

Topics covered in the recording:

  • What is Copilot and how does it work? – Minutes 3:02-6:43
  • Hurdles and concerns around Copilot and its adoption and best practise advice – Minutes 7:25-18:40
  • Security aspect of Copilot data – will your enterprise data remain within your M365 tenant –  Minutes 19:20-24:07
  • Every organisation different and hence their Copilot adoption approach should be tailored, however, are there any general approaches to follow? – Minutes 25:39-37:12
  • How would you implement Copilot in a way that addresses and alleviates concerns around job redundancies? – Minutes 37:36-44:45