Security Consulting

In collaboration with Pentesec, also part of the Charterhouse Group, Symity provide award-winning cyber security consulting and managed services.

Pentesec focus on outcome-driven managed security services and are experts in delivering these from a UK-based Security Operations Centre (SOC), using automation and human expertise.

Products and services we offer:


  • Microsoft Workshops – offer customers a funded engagement to trial key security workloads (Symity)
  • Advisory Services – help gain expert insights into security configurations, maximise adoption of features and capabilities, stay abreast of latest additions to the Microsoft Security stack, highlight key events that require investigation (Symity)
  • Professional Services – guidance through the planning, deployment and adoption of the Microsoft Security tools and across licensing requirements (Symity)
  • Managed Security (Pentesec) – security incident management, Managed Detection & Response, Threat and Vulnerability management – this includes software/platforms:
    • Microsoft Defender as a Service (DaaS) – a fully managed XDR solution leveraging the power of Microsoft Defender
    • Microsoft Sentinel as a Service – a robust solution designed to fortify your cybersecurity posture with realtime, end to end security monitoring

Microsoft Security workshops:

Gain deeper understanding of the Microsoft security portfolio with our consultant lead Security workshops


  • Secure identities and access
  • Defend against threats with SIEM Plus XDR
  • Secure multi-cloud environments
  • Mitigate compliance and privacy risks
  • Protect and govern sensitive data

Microsoft Security Governance and Advisory services:

Our advisory services offer monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly reviews of your security posture. This consultant-led service looks across identity, endpoint, M365 and cloud security to provide in-depth analytics and reporting of your environment and recent security activity.


  • Highlight key events and activities that require investigation or other follow-up activity
  • Review existing configuration, highlighting trends and areas of risk
  • Propose strategic advice on how and where to improve your security posture
  • Understand which unused Microsoft security tools and capabilities could be deployed and how they might mitigate identified risks
  • Help maximise adoption of licensed features and capabilities
  • Evaluate the real value of the more advanced Microsoft security tools available in the higher license tiers
  • Stay abreast of latest enhancements and additions to the Microsoft security stack

Microsoft Defender as a Service (DaaS) (Pentesec)

DaaS is a Managed Detection & Response Service powered by Microsoft 365 Defender.

The service leverages the Microsoft Defender suite to provide extended detection and response capability across endpoints, perimeter email and collaboration tools, identity and cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Defender

The service provides:


  • Incident Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Advisories & Reporting
  • Attack Simulation & Phishing Awareness training

Microsoft Sentinel as a Service:

We’ve developed a new comprehensive service offering, in collaboration with Pentesec, also part of the Charterhouse Group: “Microsoft Sentinel as a Service (MSaaS)”.

This is a robust solution designed to fortify your cybersecurity posture with realtime, end to end security monitoring. Our service is meticulously crafted to “DEFINE, DESIGN, and DELIVER” top-tier managed security incident and event management using Microsoft Sentinel as part of our overarching Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offering.

What is Microsoft Sentinel?
Microsoft Sentinel is a cutting-edge, cloud-native SIEM service that empowers organisations to proactively detect, investigate, and counteract cyber threats. It integrates seamlessly with your hybrid environments, leveraging the power of advanced analytics and AI to sift through data from various sources, including Azure, Office 365, and third-party applications.

Our MSaaS offering
Our MSaaS is a managed security solution that provides real-time analysis of security alerts and incidents, extending our managed Defender XDR service to encompass all enterprise infrastructure and applications. It’s a proactive approach to threat detection and response, utilising a diverse array of data collectors and sensors to safeguard your organization.

Proactive threat management
Our service is not just reactive, it’s proactive. We employ a bespoke portfolio of analytics and threat hunting queries, enriched with a database of known indicators of compromise (IoCs), to swiftly identify and neutralize threats before they can impact your operations.

Flexible service components
MSaaS is built on a foundation of core and optional service components, tailored to meet your specific needs. From threat management and configuration management to cost management and user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA), we offer a suite of services that can be customised for your organisation.

Microsoft Sentinel as a Service infographic

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To learn more and for any questions, get in touch with Jamie Wheeldon, Chief Architect at Symity.