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Mind the Gap – How Gen Z is disrupting the workplace in 2024 Report

Enhancing meeting room facilities for the emerging workforce generation requires a keen understanding of Gen Z’s communication preferences. In a landscape where speed, convenience, and genuine interactions reign supreme, catering to these expectations becomes essential.

Harmonising your meeting spaces with the unique preferences and anticipations of Gen Z employees offers more than just physical upgrades: it fosters a vibrant and inclusive workplace ethos. Embracing hybrid communication models further enriches collaboration and productivity, empowering your organisation with a distinct competitive advantage.

More in Jabra’s latest report.

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Jabra Hybrid Ways of Working 2023 Global Report

All stats you’ve always wanted to find out about the state of meetings in hybrid work. Some examples:

  • Millennials are over 4 times as likely as Boomers to feel left out in online meetings
  • Over half (55%) of colleagues said they feel that video helps them feel as involved as when they are in the office
  • 55% agree that colleagues with video on seem more engaged/involved in meetings than those with video off
  • 59% of employees say working together energizes them, collaboration is essential to engagement and belonging at work
  • A third of employees are hesitant to take meetings in a meeting room because of the tech; they need easy to use equipment to help them collaborate

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Jabra Panacast 50 Video Bar System

The full 180° field of view from the Jabra Panacast 50 Video Bar System (VBS) makes sure that the entire room is utilised. That’s precicely why it resonates so well with us. It means it can be deployed in smaller rooms, as well as large ones and no one in the physical meeting space is lost off camera.

The other great feature of this VBS is its built-in content camera, which means you can present on whiteboards. Like this the remote audience can see through your physical presence, meaning they can see what’s being whiteboarded. It also means you don’t need to purchase a separate content camera.

Video bar system from Jabra in a meeting room with employees and a virtual meeting on screen

Here are our 4 key features of the Panacast 50 Video Bar System:

  1. Integrated video bar: The PanaCast 50 Video Bar System is an integrated solution that includes an Android-based compute unit, state-of-the-art SOCs, speakers, microphones, video camera, with network and display interfaces for easy deployment.
  2. Full-room coverage: The system offers a unique 180° field of view in Panoramic-4K with three 13-megapixel cameras that preserve human scale fidelity.
  3. Touch controller: The PanaCast 50 Video Bar System comes with a 10.1” touch controller to manage the room experience.
  4. Intelligent meeting room experiences: The system features Intelligent Meeting Room Experiences, which include the Virtual Director, Intelligent Zoom and Dynamic Composition, providing an engaging experience for remote participants.

This Video Bar System really does deliver a lot and provides amazing meeting room experiences where everyone can be both seen and heard.

Jabra PanaCast 50 Room System

The Jabra PanaCast 50 Room System is a complete solution that enables small and medium rooms to play host to more inclusive, more immersive virtual meetings. We deliver innovative video collaboration experiences that make hybrid working, well, work. This combined solution from trusted brands simplifies video conferencing for increased productivity. The room system combines the PanaCast 50 intelligent video bar with a Lenovo ThinkSmart Core and Controller for a complete, intelligent room system that reinvents video conferencing. Using AI-enabled video and audio streams, PanaCast 50 Room System delivers a more natural and inclusive collaboration experience. And with our proprietary intelligent algorithms, the tone and nuances of the meeting are captured to keep hybrid teams connected and engaged from anywhere.

Jabra as a video brand

Jabra have over 150 years of experience developing technology that brings people closer together. You may know Jabra from their world-leading professional audio solutions, which range from premium office headsets, to innovative speakerphones, to consumer true wireless earbuds, and more. With the move to flexible working, video meetings offer a more efficient way to collaborate. Which is why these days, they create, award-winning video solutions too.

Innovation front and centre

Jabra made it their mission to reinvent your video experience with their cutting-edge range of PanaCast video solutions that feature the very latest 4K AI-based video technology along with outstanding audio engineering. From their unique 180° field-of-view that enables everyone in the room to be clearly seen without any distortion; to their AI-enabled intelligent features that automatically follow the action of a meeting and help reduce virtual fatigue; to inclusive meeting experiences that make everyone feel equal no matter where they call in from, their PanaCast solutions are intelligently engineered to make hybrid working work. We used to start meetings with a handshake. Today we start with an on-screen hello.

Don’t just take our word for it

PanaCast video solutions are enabling effective collaboration and making a real difference to how dispersed teams work together. They may not replace the real-life handshake, but they come real close. It’s video collaboration. Reinvented. JABRA PANACAST Technology for life’s new rhythm.