Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud Contact Center

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Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud Contact Center is a comprehensive, powerful and flexible software solution that provides organisations with advanced communication and collaboration capabilities for their contact center operations. It is designed to enhance customer interactions and improve agent productivity across multiple channels, such as voice, chat, email, social media and more.

Symity selected Anywhere365 as one of their key Modern Workplace partners, delivering Omnichannel Contact Centres and Attendant Console solutions to clients across the globe.

Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud Contact Center integrates with a variety of modern communication platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and traditional telephony systems, to create a unified and centralised contact centre environment.

Feature-rich, its capabilities include intelligent routing, call queuing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), skill-based routing, real-time analytics and reporting.

Key Advantages

Ability to use the collaboration and communication features of Microsoft Teams.

Enables agents to communicate with each other, consult subject-matter experts, and transfer calls seamlessly using Teams channels and chat functionality.

Provides rich analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor and measure key performance indicator metrics related to your contact centre operations, like average handle time, first-call resolution, agent performance, customer satisfaction and more. 

Enables managers and supervisors to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

This integration helps streamline workflows, enhance team collaboration, and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

Infinity – Anywhere365’s next gen of Dialogue Cloud

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AI continues to advance its presence in Contact Centre technology, and with this evolution, customer expectations have soared. The question arises:

Have you got the optimal product to meet today’s elevated customer expectations and enhance your service to reach the next level of customer experience?

Enter Anywhere365’s latest innovation, the Infinity contact centre technology. Representing the next generation of Dialogue Cloud, it is ready to revolutionise customer dialogues. Here are some key highlights:

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Key points to satisfy your customers’ expectations:

  • Valuable dialogues only: No matter the shape or form they are presented in, leading to more efficient and fulfilling customer conversations. Valuable time is freed up for representatives, boosting the productivity of an organisation.
  • Live NPS Monitoring And Sentiment Analysis: Offers the right attributes to increase NPS scores whilst the conversation is still taking place. Representatives are equipped to continue to elevate customer satisfaction scores and to go above and beyond expectations.
  • True Omnichannel Support: No limitations – allows customers to reach a representative via any of their preferred communication channels.
  • Next-gen AI and automation capabilities: Simplifies repetitive and low-skill tasks. Aviator presents representatives with the best possible answer to customer questions in real-time; the perfect combination of automation and the human touch.
  • Improved self-serve options: Slices the waiting time for customers and strengthens satisfaction scores.
  • Automation to boost CX engagement: Integrates Open AI to summarise call transcripts and create tasks, boosting productivity whilst delivering highly personalised, quality service.

Key points to give you the competitive edge you are looking for:

  • Dialogue management:  Shift your focus from the contact center to enabling highly valuable dialogues.
  • A hybrid experience with Aviator: Combines expertise of the crucial users with AI intelligence, to train representatives and guide with real time insights.
  • Dialogue Studio: Low code engine to build additional integrations to external solutions – powerful for customers who can integrate with whatever they like and for partners who can sell consulting services on top of this capability.

At Symity, we take pride in our track record of successfully implementing Microsoft certified Contact Centres worldwide. We are very excited about this new product and are ready to introduce the cutting-edge Anywhere365 Infinity technology into our deployment repertoire.