Managed Service & Support

Symity provide expert support service solutions for a wide array of Microsoft Teams-certified meeting spaces, especially with meeting spaces becoming more diverse, covering:
  • Huddle pods
  • Booth spaces
  • Video conference rooms
  • Interactive collaboration centres
  • Auditorium solutions
  • Big screens
  • Entrance signage

We offer comprehensive support coverage for AV hardware and software, the Microsoft Teams Room App, room booking panels, Teams desk phones and Microsoft Teams.

We offer:

We have also developed a self-help support tool, Symity Assist.

This is a cloud-based SaaS on-demand video service, offering a suite of MS Teams Room bitesize video training materials, regularly updated and customised specifically to deliver optimised training for users whilst in a meeting room.

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Other UC support areas

  • CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service)
  • ACaaS (Attendant Console as a Service)
  • CRaaS (Call Recording as a Service)
  • DRaaS (Direct Routing as a Service)

Our support in these areas could include, for example, a client’s facility/environment/usage analysis to help improve efficiencies and hence reduce costs.

All of the above demonstrates our ability to deliver an end-to-end support service, if required

To make improvements and implementation even smoother and easier for our clients, our third-line support specialists integrate quickly and easily with existing client IT support models to extend knowledge and operational support capability.

Your benefits

Symity support services reduce business disruption by maintaining AV uptime and consequently increasing user-adoption and satisfaction with AV meeting spaces. This helps maximise the benefits of a client’s AV investment.

It is also more effective for a client’s business to use Symity support specialists for their modern workplace environment support, as it frees up their IT team to focus on other priorities. This can reduce the need for scaling internal IT departments with specialist knowledge.

Your customised solution

Symity will discuss the client’s requirements to recommend the appropriate level of support coverage and related options to provide a bespoke solution for the client.

We can offer three types of core services, Elemental, Essential and Enhance, which can then be supplemented / enhanced with optional services, as follows:

Support Service Table