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Home working has now evolved into hybrid working as people return to the office

When virtual employees feel as immersed in meetings as those in the office, hybrid meetings really work.

Unleash your team’s full potential with easy to use Microsoft Teams Rooms. Give all your people a seat at the table and a voice in the meeting regardless of where they are!

Yealink Meeting Board 86

If you’re looking for a device that can enhance your team’s collaboration and productivity, then we recommend checking out the Yealink Meeting Board 86, an all-in-one interactive display that integrates a 4K touch screen, a 4K camera, a speaker, and a microphone array. The Yealink Meeting Board 86 is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, the popular communication and collaboration platform.

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Yealink Meeting Board 86

Yealink MeetingBar A10

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective collaboration is more critical than ever. Remote work, global teams, and the need for seamless communication have made video conferencing solutions a must-have for organizations of all sizes. Symity provides consultation and implementation of meeting rooms systems and technologies, working closely with our partners, like Yealink.

Yealink provides meeting bar solutions for every size room. Here’s one that we at Symity especially like: the Yealink A10 Meeting bar.

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Yealink A10 Meeting Bar

Yealink AI device demo

In this video Koit Chan from Yealink explains how their meeting room technology uses AI to enhance meeting and conference experiences.

Yealink divisible spaces

In this video James Hammond, Principal Microsoft AV Consultant Video Collaboration at Symity, explains how to overcome the hurdles of your divisible multi-purpose meeting spaces.

Yealink Teams Premium

In this video Alev Tamer from Microsoft explains how Teams Premium can improve your Teams Rooms meeting experience with solutions like Intelligent Recap. This allows you to review meeting content after the event.

Yealink device demo for Teams Rooms

Experience all the features and power of Yealink Teams Room devices in this focused demonstration provided by the team at Yealink.

Yealink device recommendations

James Hammond provides his Yealink device recommendations for the best experience with small, medium and large rooms.

Symity and Yealink full length video on Teams Rooms and Yealink devices

Watch the full length recording of our recent webinar with Yealink to learn more about Microsoft Teams Rooms and Yealink devices.

Yealink Package

Our experts have designed a number of packages to cover different room sizes, download the information sheet below for more information.