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Take hybrid meetings to the next level with a Symity Microsoft Teams Room Package, and make return to the office really work!
Find out how we can help you optimise your hybrid meetings with Microsoft Teams Premium and improve connectivity and collaboration when in the office with Microsoft Places.

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Meet Microsoft Teams Rooms

Home working has now evolved into hybrid working as people return to the office

When virtual employees feel as immersed in meetings as those in the office, hybrid meetings really work.

Unleash your team’s full potential with easy to use Microsoft Teams Rooms. Give all your people a seat at the table and a voice in the meeting regardless of where they are!

Benefits of a Symity Room Package

Symity are experts and have successfully deployed over 1000 Microsoft Teams Rooms Globally. Our expert selected Meeting room packages ensure that people can easily use the room and that all meeting participants can be seen, heard and contribute regardless of location.

Designed by Experts

Symity have drawn on their experience to design room packages that just work

Easy to use

3 simple steps to a successful meeting with a Symity room
• Book • Join • Meet

Supply & Install

Meeting rooms equipment installed and commissioned to our exacting standards

IT Integration

Integrating your MTR with Teams,  Outlook, AD including network and security elements

User Adoption

Arming your people with the tools they need to work smarter and better with your new MTR

Service & Support

Ongoing proactive operational management to ensure your meeting room keeps on working

Meet a Room

Learn the key components of a Symity room which make them easy to use and ensure they just work!

Case Studies

One of  the UK’s largest meeting room rollouts

With the DWP, we rolled out Microsoft meeting rooms to 280 locations around the country, then trained almost 40,000 users delivering a transformational adoption campaign for the largest public service in the UK.

 Johnson Matthey deploy MTR as part of their new hybrid working strategy

Over the past few years we have helped Johnson Matthey  – a global leader in sustainable technologies develop Microsoft Teams Rooms as part of their new approach to hybrid working.

Microsoft Teams Rooms helps Reckitt turbo charge its Digital Workplace strategy

Reckitt, the company behind some of the world’s most recognisable and trusted consumer brands in hygiene, health and nutrition, had already planned to make the office of the future a reality


Our experts have designed a number of packages to cover different room sizes and vendors. For specific vendor packages please click on the Packages button, fill in your details and an information sheet will automatically be send to you.

Symity expert Microsoft Teams Room Packages

Unleash your team’s full potential with easy to use Microsoft Teams Rooms. Are you ready to give your people a seat at the table and a voice in the meeting regardless of where they are?

Microsoft Teams Premium: Elevating Your Meeting Experience

Microsoft Teams Premium is an offering that enhances the existing Teams experience by providing additional features to make your meetings more personalised, intelligent, and protected. Whether you are collaborating one-on-one, hosting webinars, or conducting virtual appointments, Teams Premium has you covered.

Let’s dive into the top features:

AI-Powered Meetings and Intelligent Recap:

  • Stay focused on what matters most with AI-generated meeting recaps. Even if you miss a meeting, Teams Premium automatically generates meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalised highlights. It ensures you get the essential information without sifting through lengthy recordings.

Customisation for Engaging Experiences:

  • Personalise your meetings and webinars with branded touches. Whether it is for client calls or company presentations, Teams Premium allows you to add organisational backgrounds, custom branding, and other personalised elements. Create memorable experiences for your audience.

Advanced Meeting Protections:

  • Keep your meetings confidential with robust security features. Teams Premium offers watermarks, sensitivity labels, end-to-end encryption, and control over who can record. Safeguard sensitive discussions and maintain privacy.

Virtual Appointments:

  • Delight your customers with advanced personalised features during virtual appointments. Streamline appointment management, track performance with reports, and provide high-quality interactions. It is perfect for healthcare, consulting, and other service-oriented industries.

Immersive experiences with Microsoft Mesh:

  • Host all-hands meetings, town halls, and new-hire onboarding in immersive 3D spaces using Microsoft Mesh. Create engaging employee experiences that go beyond traditional video conferencing.

In summary, Microsoft Teams Premium empowers you to work smarter, collaborate securely, and elevate your meeting interactions. Whether you are an individual professional or part of a large organisation, Teams Premium enhances your Teams journey. Try it out and experience the future of intelligent collaboration! Speak to us to find out how we can help you with this.

Microsoft Places: Microsoft’s latest app, with the assistance of AI, optimises and enhances flexible work

Microsoft Places is a new AI-powered connected workplace app that optimises flexible work.

According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index survey from May 2024, Microsoft’s research demonstrates that nearly half (48%) of global employees will prefer and demand a more flexible work situation in the next year.*

More details on Microsoft Places and how Symity can help you implement it in our blog.