In the ever-evolving digital landscape, charities often find it challenging to organize and host online events successfully. The technical know-how, resources, and expertise required can be overwhelming and expensive.

At Symity we are always trying to make a difference, and working with charities is no exception. We do this free of charge and as our contribution to making the world a better place.

David Shepherd Foundation: Championing Conservation Through Art

Established in 1984, David Shepherd Foundation has a clear and noble mission: “To give the natural world a voice by supporting the most effective wildlife conservation projects across Africa and Asia.” The foundation focuses its efforts on protecting critically endangered species, combating wildlife crime, and preserving the fragile ecosystems that these animals call home.

At the heart of David Shepherd Foundation’s mission is the Wildlife Artist of the Year Awards. This prestigious competition invites artists of all levels to submit their finest wildlife-inspired creations. The competition is not limited to traditional paintings; it embraces a wide range of artistic mediums, including photography, sculpture, and digital art. This inclusivity ensures that artists can express their love for wildlife in their unique ways.

The Challenge:

This year’s awards were held both onsite at the Mall Galleries in London and online as a virtual ceremony.

The charity was faced with a dilemma: How could they provide a virtual awards ceremony while maintaining the same level of engagement and connection with their audience?

Symity immediately got to work, crafting a plan to ensure the online awards ceremony would be a resounding success. Here are some key elements of their transformation:

  1. Seamless Virtual Platform: Symity selected the Teams Live event platform that allowed for easy access, interaction, and engagement for attendees. They ensured that the platform supported live streaming and Q&A functionality.
  2. Technical Support: To pre-empt any technical glitches, Symity provided technical support leading up to the event and during the ceremony. This ensured that both organisers and attendees had a smooth experience.
  3. Production Quality: Symity elevated the production quality by integrating camera & audio feeds, content management and post-production editing, making the virtual event feel as close to an in-person experience as possible.

The Result:

The 2023 online awards ceremony, with Symity, was a resounding success. Attendees not only felt connected to the cause but also appreciated the effort and dedication of both the charity. The event attracted a large audience, reaching people from all over the world who were eager to support the charity’s mission.


In the digital era, the size of an organization doesn’t always determine its impact. The heart, dedication, and innovation of passionate individuals can create incredible outcomes. The partnership between David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Symity is a shining example of how small entities can collaborate to make a big difference. As technology continues to evolve, let this story serve as an inspiring reminder that with determination and compassion, any hurdle can be overcome, and companies can shine brightly in the service of a good cause.

Richard Lewis

Adoption and Training Manager