Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile is the mobile-first Microsoft Teams experience that empowers users to access the Teams capabilities using their mobile identity via both the native mobile phone dialler and any Teams endpoint. It gives mobile users a single number to work from on both their mobile device and Teams endpoints, using either device at any time to offer simplicity.

In an ever-changing mobile / hybrid / remote workplace Teams Phone Mobile allows businesses to utilise mobile network connectivity to access the Teams ecosystem and take advantage of the benefits via creating a unified communication experience.

Teams Phone Mobile can play a key part in enabling a business to roll out to a mobile workforce efficiently with the benefits of enterprise grade security and compliance settings.

Customer benefits

  • Unified Business Communication. It provides a reliable, inclusive experience for all workers in the business whether mobile, remote, hybrid or office based via native mobile dialler or Teams app on any device.
  • Cut Down on Redundancy. It allows business to eliminate fixed lines intended for mobile and remote workers.
  • Management and Governance. Via the Office 365 admin portals telephony services for mobile workers can be managed centrally. Policies such as outbound number presentation can be applied.
  • Simple user experience. Mobile devices can be preconfigured and shipped to end users who will have a setup wizard at power on to confirm phone numbers and they are up and running.

User benefits

  • A Single Number. Users receive a single number from the operator for their SIM and Teams endpoints allowing them to use one business owned mobile number whether using the native mobile dialler, Teams mobile or desktop apps. Incoming calls will also ring all signed in endpoints simultaneously by design.
  • Seamless Call Transfer. Native mobile calls can be ‘uplifted’ into a Teams call via the Teams app on the phone, enabling users to escalate from audio to video or even content sharing. Full Teams capabilities can then be leveraged such as transferring within the organisation or bringing other users into the call. Content sharing, call recording and transcribing.
  • Unified Call History. Whether making calls via the native dialler or another Teams endpoint, call history is stored for all calls combined. Users can access recently dialled and incoming calls no matter which device they were originally placed from.
  • Presence Integration. Teams presence will update based on the mobile device status.
  • Unified Voicemail. All voicemails will be accessible via any Teams endpoint. Transcriptions will also be available.

Hybrid & mobile strategies are in the forefront of businesses minds presently and Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile is allowing customers to roll out those solutions efficiently and, importantly, securely to elevate their users native mobile identities to a business grade collaboration experience.

Kieran Lloyd

Technical Engineer UC