Shure show room London
On 20th June 2023, the Symity Meeting Spaces Team had the pleasure of attending the Rose Shure Experience Centre in London. The demonstration, hosted by Bob Farahar and John Ellis from Shure, showcased Shure’s current range of professional audio equipment for use in various meeting spaces.

The goal was to learn about their latest products to be able to make the best recommendations to our customers regarding their Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms hardware requirements.

On display were products from the Stem range, both wall and tabletop solutions, the MicroFlex Advanced (MXA) range, along with functionality provided by their IntelliMix® software DSP solution and Voicelift.

We can use all of these or some of these products when we implement our customers’ Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms, always scoping requirements first and based on this, suggesting the best product types and lines.

The Stem products provide a good sound experience for BYOM solutions. However, the current lack of Microsoft Teams Rooms certification specifically means that there is little impact for the majority of Symity projects.

The MXA range of products have been a staple of AV integrations for many years, and the newer products in the range do nothing to make us think that this will change soon.

Showcasing the newest addition to MXA902 ceiling tile microphone and speaker solution was an experience. Whilst a slightly reduced pickup radius of 6x6m when compared to the MXA920, the inclusion of the speaker output in the design provides a tighter system footprint for congested ceilings or challenging installations.

The IntelliMix® software DSP placed itself as a useful solution for Windows-based Meeting Room compute devices, with the AI denoiser function looking promising for effective dynamic noise cancellation. As with any AI product, this will only get better the more data it is fed.

Shure show-meeting-room

Finally, the Voicelift demonstration was possibly one of the highlights of the visit. Whilst there are similar offerings from other manufacturers, the demonstration itself clearly discussed the system requirements and visually laid out how the function could be used to create the desired user experience.

Symity Meeting Space Team at Shure experience centre London
Left to right: Josh Blake, Symity, Bob Farahar, Shure and again from Symity: Jerome Ifill, Nick Martin, Giles Skiba and James Taylor
Shure have a lovely facility available for customer demonstrations and meeting hosting. If you are interested in our Teams Meeting Room solutions or a demonstration, we could arrange a meeting at the venue to see the product range in action.

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Jerome Ifill

Video Collaboration Programming and Commissioning Engineer