Generation Z, often referred to as Digital Natives, encompasses individuals born between 1995 and 2010, growing up amid the internet’s ubiquity, social media platforms, and smartphones. Their communication habits centre around digital mediums like texting, video calls, and online chats, prioritising speed, convenience, and authenticity in interactions.

Gen Z employee in hybrid meeting

Video communication: A natural fit

Within the workplace, Gen Z favours video communication, finding it intuitive and effective. They prefer visual cues and expressions over mere auditory or written exchanges, allowing them to express personality, emotions, and creativity more authentically. Consequently, they feel more engaged and productive when communicating via video.

Moreover, video communication serves as a competitive advantage in today’s digital landscape. As organisations increasingly operate in remote or hybrid setups, Gen Z’s adeptness with video facilitates collaboration across diverse teams, enhances presentation skills, and cultivates personal brands, all of which are valuable assets in the job market.

Optimising meeting facilities: the imperative for success

To fully leverage video communication, Gen Z requires high-quality audio and visual capabilities both at home and in meeting spaces. Subpar audio-visual setups can hinder professionalism, productivity, and overall performance. Here’s why top-notch audio-visual infrastructure is paramount:

  • Enhanced clarity and impact: High-quality audio and visual components ensure clear communication, capturing nuances in tone and intention while minimising distractions from background noise or technical glitches.
  • Improved collaboration: Immersive audio-visual experiences foster greater team engagement and interaction, facilitating brainstorming, problem-solving, and decision-making processes.
  • Enhanced speaker confidence: Quality audio-visual setups reflect positively on speakers, enhancing their professionalism and credibility, which is crucial for making impactful presentations or representations.

Meeting the challenge: Investing in modern solutions

Many organisations face a shortfall in meeting room technology, lacking adequate audio and visual capabilities. According to Jabra’s Mind the Gap – How Gen Z is disrupting the workplace in 2024 report, only 36% of meeting rooms have a video conferencing system, and 49% have a speakerphone. This wouldn’t meet Gen Z’s expectations on high-tech hybrid meeting facilities and would hence result in poor communication, low engagement, and wasted time and resources from their side.

Over half (55%) of them said they feel that video helps them feel as involved as when they are in the office and 55% agree that colleagues with video on seem more engaged/involved in meetings than those with video off.

As Gen Z’s expectations for seamless interactions rise, organisations must invest in modern solutions to upgrade meeting facilities, supporting various collaboration scenarios effectively.

Partnering for success: Symity’s innovative solutions

As a leading integrator specialising in Microsoft Teams Rooms, we at Symity offer comprehensive meeting room solutions. From design and installation to training and support, we ensure meeting rooms are equipped with top-tier audio and visual technology, including Microsoft Teams Rooms and products from trusted manufacturers like Jabra. By maximising meeting room usage and value, Symity empowers organizations to foster dynamic, collaborative work environments that resonate with Gen Z preferences.

Aligning facilities with Gen Z expectations

By aligning meeting room facilities with Gen Z’s preferences, organisations can nurture inclusive cultures, boost productivity, and enhance collaboration through hybrid communications, gaining a competitive edge in talent acquisition and retention.


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Wesley Budd

Strategic Partner Manager - Microsoft & MTR Vendors