Teams Premium professional lobby

Within the corporate world, the adage “dress for success” is more than a catchy phrase; it has become a clear strategy rooted in the psychology of first impressions and what your company brand represents. What we wear for work, is often synonymous with professionalism and can often serve as a visual shorthand for expertise and credibility. Suits and smart attire are not merely garments but a form of non-verbal communication that conveys a commitment to quality and a respect for the occasion.

This extends to the physical workspace, where for years companies have made their branding paramount for any visitors and employees. An office’s design and aesthetic are deliberate choices that reflect the company’s values, culture, and brand identity. It’s a strategic tool used to foster trust and confidence among clients and a sense of pride and achievement in employees.

As the world pivots and two thirds of UK businesses (69%) are now adopting a hybrid working style, the essence of branding and professionalism remains unchanged, and the way that companies are expressing this is evolving. The virtual workplace demands the same level of brand consistency and professionalism. Digital interfaces, virtual meetings, and online presence have become the new ‘suits’ and ‘offices’. Therefore, as we navigate the changing landscapes of the digital workplace, the principles of professionalism and brand awareness remain as relevant as ever, ensuring that a company’s ethos is not lost in translation but rather amplified in the virtual realm.

We saw the first stages of this forced into effect during the 2020-2021 Covid-19 Lockdown, forcing millions of people to adapt and embrace a remote/hybrid working style, with Microsoft Teams providing the platform for many companies to collaborate and communicate both internally and externally. As we have now moved past the initial impact of the hybrid working era, now 90% of UK businesses use Microsoft Teams as their primary collaboration/communication tool. So, what is the evolution of this space?

How can Microsoft Team become your virtual suit?

Microsoft Teams Premium is revolutionising the digital workplace with its advanced meeting features, designed to enhance professional collaboration. The new sophisticated meeting settings allow for a tailored experience, ensuring that each virtual gathering is both productive and secure. With Branded Lobbying, organisations can create a unique and welcoming virtual space that aligns with their corporate identity, making a strong first impression on clients and partners.

In addition, the Intelligent Recap function is a game-changer for efficiency, automatically generating meeting recaps, including key points and action items, which can be invaluable for those unable to attend in real-time. These features, among others, position Microsoft Teams Premium as a cutting-edge solution for businesses seeking to optimise their communication and collaboration in a modern digital environment.

Companies can upload organisational backgrounds and together-modes to make hybrid meetings feel more inclusive in their day-to-day interactions with both customer and colleagues.
With first impressions setting the stage for the remainder of a customer relationship, companies have only one opportunity to create a positive initial impression. It is crucial in this first encounter to ensure the customer feels at ease, empowered, and that their business is in good hands!


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Gordon Edwards

Account Director