Increasing adoption and usage of Teams has been instrumental in freeing up workers and helping companies improve access to information – both information and firstline – to focus on higher-value activities. This reduces operating costs, accelerates time-to-market, and fosters greater innovation.


The numbers speak for themselves…

Based on an organisation of 5,000 employees with 3.5k Information workers and 1.5k Frontline
workers over a 3 year period:

  • ROI 832%
  • Benefit Present Value (PV) $30.3m
  • Net Present Value (NPV) $27.1m
  • Payback within 6 months of deployment

Gain a competitive edge with Teams

Microsoft Teams, a hub for teamwork and collaboration, is a post-pandemic game-changer. If your organisation has yet to deploy Teams, or has only partially done so, leveraging Teams to its full potential to benefit from the full economic value it offers will see you reap serious rewards.

Communication and Collaboration

A major component of digital business transformation initiatives is improved communication and collaboration.

Effective collaboration drives business success; it’s a catalyst for innovation and productivity. The agility and transparency of real-time collaboration speeds up decision-making and encourages cross-functional engagement – all of which translates into tangible value.

The report’s composite organisation of 5k employees: key savings

The predominant benefit to organisations over a 3 year period centre around time savings, efficiencies and productivity gains, delivering significant financial benefits to businesses.


  • Four hours per week saved by information workers from improved collaboration and information sharing
  • Firstline Workers save 45 minutes per week collaborating with colleagues
  • Decision makers improve time-to-decision by 17.7%
  • Improved worker satisfaction, integration, and empowerment reduce attrition rates
  • By Year Three, online meetings replace 150 overnight trips
Monetary savings overview of the correct utilisation of Microsoft Teams
Economic impact overview of the correct utilisation of Microsoft Teams

The Symity service – your expert Teams team

Deploying Microsoft Teams is about orchestrating a transformative shift in how your organisation operates. As an expert Microsoft Modern Work Partner, Symity’s expertise spans every crucial stage of the deployment journey:

  • Scoping and Requirements: Symity collaborates closely with your organisation to understand its unique needs and tailor Teams to align with objectives.
  • Design and Deployment: With an in-depth understanding of Teams’ capabilities, Symity ensures a seamless and effective deployment, minimising disruptions and optimising the platform’s potential.
  • Training and Adoption: The true value of Teams is realised when every employee knows how to leverage it. Symity provides comprehensive training to ensure a high and effective adoption rate.

Symity is your partner in Teams performance. Book in a chat with our team today.
Alternatively, read the full Total Economic Impact report.

Wesley Budd

Strategic Partner Manager - Microsoft & MTR Vendors