Get valuable insights from Hibo Jama, Developer at Symity, in regards to women in in technical jobs. Learn how she got where she is today and receive best practise advice.

Symity developer Hibo Jama
Two female developers in front of screens

Do you think it’s important for more women to join the tech industry – and why?

I think it is very important for more women to join the tech industry because there is huge gender gap in the sector, and I think it is very important to close the gap. Being a woman in the tech industry means closing the gender gaps, removing stigmas around gender and driving innovation in the tech sector. Not would this just help gender balance, but also improve business performance.

What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t settle was the best professional advice I ever received, and I try to live by every day. If you want to change career don’t just think about the money and how easy the job is, think about your passion, do you see yourself doing this in the long run. Don’t settle for passion just because it pays well.

Remember always, challenges and obstacles are what makes life worthwhile and interesting. If you find a job that offers both of those, then you are in the right place. So, don’t settle keep searching until you find the perfect your passion.

What advice would you give yourself just starting out?

As I look back there are a few things I wish I’d started doing sooner. Habits that could helped me grow faster in a more focused way:

  • Take the time to read at least two books per year on software engineering, as this will level you up.
  • Learn the language you use at work in-depth, to the very bottom.
  • Pair with other developers more often. Know that good software engineering is experience. Get lots of it.
  • And finally teach what you learn.

Would you recommend other women to work in the tech industry?

I would defnitely recommend other women to join the sector. Many women believe tech is not like every other job, they think tech is harder than usual jobs and it is for men only. I would say change that bias.

Tech is for everyone, if you have the passion, we are underrepresented, so bring your authentic self.

Do you have a female role model? If so, who is she and how has she inspired you?

My mother, the most hard-working woman I have known in my life. She has inspired me in so many ways. She has taught me being first improves the chances of success and people will only remember your kindness. I have seen my mum woke up early every morning and work fulltime and study fulltime, that is when I knew I can do the same.