Over the past few years we have helped Johnson Matthey (JM) – a global leader in sustainable technologies develop Microsoft Teams Rooms as part of their new approach to hybrid working.

Teams has  grown into a common and simple to use platform, providing JM with effective company-wide communications, collaboration and productivity tools.  The integration has spanned the globe across multiple sites including India, USA, Germany, Poland and the UK.

We know that teamwork makes the dream work and with an eye on the detail, we’re giving kudos to Matt Linden, Randy Chapman, Giles Skiba, Jed Ellerby, Ray Allen here at Symity and our partner in the UK Connect Anything – Tim Dean.   

It’s always our absolute pleasure to work with the IT function at JM – Aidan Loughran,  Randy Colone and many other JM IT team members.

#OneJM #teamwork

Alex McKnight

Modern Workplace Director