Why the time is right to move your Contact Centre to the Cloud using Microsoft powered solutions

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The Contact Centre world has witnessed a huge transformation since its inception – transitioning from on-premise solutions to embracing cutting-edge communications hardware, headset technology, and customer strategies that align with an increasingly Cloud-first approach.

The seismic shift we’ve seen in the last two years alone takes the evolution to another level. Microsoft Teams certified Contact Centres are a game-changer in the Contact Centre space, offering unparalleled scalability, seamless integrations and a pace of innovation that’s hard to ignore.

It begs the question: Should you be making the CCaaS move for your business?

How the Contact Centre space has evolved

The Contact Centres as a Service (CCaaS) model is expected to play a pivotal role in many business strategies in the years ahead.

But what exactly is CCaaS?

Gone are the days of the “call centre” – the phone-based ecosystem for customer service and support. Legacy voice and Contact Centre platforms managed telephone calls and very little else.

But customers now expect the interaction with a business to not only be seamless, but in the method of their choice – which is no longer just via voice, but can also be through social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter… And that’s just the beginning!

The modern workplace is omnichannel – one that embraces Chat, Bots, WebChat, Social Media, SMS, IoT. Cloud-first services enable a far richer customer experience thanks to a myriad of agent types who constantly communicate with customers, whether internal or external.

Organisations must allow omnichannel to take centre stage if they want to leverage their investment in comms software so that it delivers improved customer and employee experience. 

What are the benefits of moving your Contact Centre to the Cloud

  • Native Microsoft Teams Contact Centres enable organisations to leverage their investment in the Microsoft Phone Systems. Embracing cloud-based Contact Centre technologies will open doors for your business in terms of driving new behaviours, delivering more efficient processes and enjoying exceptional results.


  • Modernisation: CCaaS solutions modernise the Contact Centre space, bringing together customer service, inbound/outbound sales, support, back office/admin, or marketing, plus a range of other departments. This is done in a way that delivers proactive, predictive, and personalised CX. The benefits to your organisation will be felt in higher customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty.


  • You benefit: Your organisation and employees will enjoy improved productivity, increased engagement, and high-quality outcomes from all touch points with customers, across a range of dialogue channels.


  • Your customers benefit: MS Teams Contact Centres deliver real-time data and intelligence, whether through dashboards, wallboards or reporting. You can make informed decisions about your own teams and how your services are delivered so that your customers benefit from better service.


  • To maximise the benefits for your organisation you should choose a partner that has the right expertise to understand your business needs, translate them into high-quality solutions and deliver exceptional support. This will ensure your chosen Contact Centre solution delivers the very best return on your investment.

What could be the outcome of modernising your Contact Centre?

Whether you’re looking to simply lift and shift, where existing functionality will just be replicated on the new platform, or you’d like to take your Contact Centre to the next level, the top considerations are:

  • Scalability and flexibility: Ensuring that it aligns with the dynamic needs of the business.


  • Security: Focusing on data encryption, compliance certifications and robust safeguards to protect sensitive customer information.


  • Integration capabilities with existing systems and technologies to maintain seamless connections with essential tools and enjoy a smooth transition.


  • The ability to provide advanced analytics and insights: Essential for informed decision-making and continuous improvement in customer service strategies.


  • Training: Your business is much more likely to see a greater return on investment thanks to training that’s led by analysis, communication plans and high-quality adoption assets at the earliest stages.

Above all… Choose the right partner

The real value is working with a consulting partner like Symity, who will be able to help your organisation leverage the capabilities of the solution.

Our extensive experience of collaborating with clients to deliver exceptional Contact Centre solutions has provided invaluable support to organisations in their efforts to move their businesses strategically forward in line with the demands of modern communications.

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