Since Microsoft announced its Digital Contact Centre Platform as a new offering in November 2021, its presence within the CCaaS ecosystem continues to evolve and solidify. This was strengthened through the introduction of voice channels within Dynamics 365 and further announcements, like the launch of Copilot as a limited preview. Copilot integrates a generative AI and natural language processing engine natively into the Dynamics platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service (D365 CS) is a cloud-based customer service management solution, part of the broader Dynamics 365 suite of business applications. It is designed to help organisations deliver exceptional customer service and support experiences and to manage and track customer inquiries, complaints, and service requests across various channels. These include phone, email, chat, social media, and self-service portals.

What are the key features of D365 CS?


1. Case management: It allows agents to efficiently handle customer issues by creating, assigning, and tracking cases throughout their lifecycle. It provides a centralised system for capturing customer interactions and managing case resolution.

2. Knowledge base: This feature enables organisations to create and maintain a repository of knowledge articles, FAQs, and self-help resources. Agents can access this information to provide consistent and accurate responses to customer inquiries.

3. Omnichannel engagement: It enables businesses to engage with customers across a range of communication channels to deliver more personalised and timely support to customers.

4. Self-service portals: Customers can access self-service portals to find information, submit inquiries, and track the progress of their cases. This empowers customers to resolve their issues independently and reduces the workload on customer service agents.

5. Service analytics: It provides analytics and reporting capabilities to gain insights into customer service performance. Businesses can track key metrics, such as response time, resolution rate, and customer satisfaction, as well as identify areas for improvement.

6. Integration with other Microsoft products: D365 CS integrates with other Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Teams and Power Platform, allowing seamless collaboration, workflow automation, and customisation.

There are use cases for this product, from my experience of consulting with clients with regards to CCaaS technologies. Sometimes their requirements require killer features or functionality. This means that a Certified Microsoft Contact Centre from their 3rd party partner ecosystem, like ANYWHERE365® or Luware, might be a better route.

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