Improving the Customer Experience through deployment of a native Microsoft Teams Contact Centre

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Times are tough. Competition is fiercer than ever, yet businesses are increasingly expected to do more with less – or at the very least with the same.

Customer experience (CX) has become the key differentiator in business success and presents the new battleground in this competitive world. Therefore, offering a seamless, efficient, and easy customer journey through a Microsoft certified Contact Centre is they key. It will enhance the customer experience and deliver business success.

What does the modern customer expect in terms of CX

We live in a time when how a business delivers for its customers is just as important as — if not more important than — what it delivers. We’ve become so accustomed to sharing our experiences in very public forums, like social media, that customers expect businesses to connect with them via this channel now, too.

So not only is delivering against these expectations the right thing to do for customers, it’s a winner for the business too, and can result in as much as 3x returns to shareholders.

How can modern Contact Centre solutions drive improvements in CX

  • Get your customers from A to B easily: It’s all in the journey. Making sure your customer’s journey through your contact centre is as easy and simple as possible is the key to First Time Resolution (FTR). And this isn’t a “once and done” thing. It’s important to continually refine and improve, so that the journey continually improves.


  • Meet your customers where they are: Older demographic who want that phone call? Give it to them. Millennials who want to fire off an email? Give it to them. Gen Z who are active on Instagram? Give it to them. Offering customers access to your organisation in the channel of their choice will mean you’re more likely to keep them on board and engaged, because you’re communicating with them in their “language”.


  • Keep the human touch: Sometimes people want people. Chatbots or IVRs don’t cover everything. So give your customers the option to speak to a real person.


  • But use AI where it’s right to do so: AI can take care of simple customer interactions, so use it. This will make your contact centre more efficient and save your agents for the more complex interactions, where they are really needed.


  • Know what your customers are really thinking: Track sentiment analysis, look at Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and customer churn rate. When you know what your customers are thinking and how they rate their experience, you know what’s working and what isn’t. This will arm you with the insights to make changes and improve the customer journey.


  • Keep developing your agents: Train, train, train. Upskilling and reskilling agents and arming them with the right tools to perform their jobs productively and efficiently will make for a positive employee experience (EX). EX + CX = success.

What does the future hold in terms of Contact Centres and CX

Some of the key developments we see for the future of CX in the Contact Centre environment are:

  • Omnichannel: It’s only getting bigger. Ride the wave or risk being left behind.


  • Understanding and utilising next generation technologies – the ones that are right, not just right now.


  • The cloud-first, digital-first mindset remains, but adapting and innovating is essential to remain competitive.


  • Increasing integration with other systems, for example, enabling the contact centre and back-office team to work together. Using unified communications and business process automation, so that internal processes can be organised and simplified.


  • Employee experience will be as important as CX. Keep your agents happy: Give them the right tools, train them to deliver exceptional service and support them with tools that help them work smarter.

Symity, part of the Charterhouse Group, is here to help you or your organisation on your journey to improve customer experience with modern Microsoft Teams certified Contact Centre solutions.


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